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Bookmark and Share Last Thursday February 11th 2010, Mr X was officially introduced by GVO's Joel Therien (giving away his BMW M3 this month) as none other than the millionaire maker himself, Mr Marshall Sylver. Joel and the boys network academy at GVO (Mike Potvin, Mark Call, Ken Hammond, Gerry Schroeder, Jamie Ohler, Jerry Meir, Keith Carberry, Chet Hastings, Derrick Van Dyke, Tellman Knudson, Michael Cheney, Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime, Frank Rambauskas, Todd Gross, Frank Bauer, Mike Koenigs, Jeff Johnson, Tom Beal, Dan Seaman, Armondo Montelongo, Frank Sousa, Ewen Chia, Bram Smith, Ken McArthur, Phil Basten, Daegan Smith, Glenn Mosser, Jerry Myer, Mike Stewart, and a host of others; as well as Marshall (we call him the sylver fox) Sylver exemplify the big boys lifestyle in more ways than one.

They practice what they preach.

They give and teach much in order to receive much.

The boys are prosperity makers and Marshall (Sylver Fox) specifically has a grand goal: to win the Nobel Prize by single handedly turning around the economy of the United States.

The more time you spend in the internet marketing space, the more you will read and hear and have a chance to study the works of one or all of the above big boys.

The Big Boys have much in common

The Prosperity Alliance has been formed. Last Thursday, February 18th, was the second conference call by the GVO team with Mr X Marshall Sylver. Those of us on that call were awarded with a phenomenal prize and gift, the ability to network and rub shoulders, person to person, mono a mono, with the millionaire maker himself and many of the other big boys at the upcoming Las Vegas Big Boys Turning Point March 27th & 28th.

What can I give to You that is of great value?

Many times when listening to Mr Sylver, I have heard him say "In order for you to accumulate wealth you have to give more value to other people".

That has prompted me to ask myself, "What can I give to you that is of great value?"

After thinking about it, it finally dawned on me.

The greatest gift I am able to give you is the opportunity to enhance your life through associating and surrounding yourself with multi-millionaires.

The aspiration of Prosperity Alliance, and your goal - should you decide to accept it - is the winning of a Nobel Prize for helping turn around the U.S. economy.

My gift, freely given, is Two Hours with Marshall Sylver, the millionaire maker, filmed at a conference that many paid thousands of dollars to attend....Click here to get your Free Gift

I won $1000 listening to Marshall Sylver Syndicated Get Rich Radio

Passion Profit Power - Marshall-ism Hypnotic Programming- The Millionaire Maker, Marshall Sylver

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