Sponsorship for the Promoting, Advertising, Marketing, and Branding of: “Your Business Name here”

Bookmark and Share Why Sponsor? Sponsorship is a key to powerful marketing and utilizing BigBoysLifestyle and Thfox are an effective way for “your business” to brand and to grow. Big Boys Lifestyle will carefully execute a marketing program that will result in a projected increase in brand identity and product loyalty for “your business”.

1.0 Summary

A well designed sponsorship between “your business” ThFox and BigBoysLifestyle will bring forth the appropriate message to hundreds of potential customers, clients, and dealers, generate good will in the “Your Industry Focus” community, and most importantly, increase market share and profits.

Big Boys Lifestyle, ThFox, and “your business” will work together to design an entire “Your Industry Focus” marketing program, analyzing the market, matching the demographics and developing marketing strategies and programs to enhance your company’s market share.

This structured sponsorship will broaden your competitive advantage by increasing your credibility, image and prestige.

2.0 Utilizing BigBoysLifestyle.com and ThFox.com as a marketing and promotional tool:

Why Big Boys Lifestyle

• Big Boys Lifestyle ranks high for key demographic keywords in search engines: google.com, yahoo.com, ask.com, bing.com, msn.com, etc. (big boys lifestyle, lifestyle Sturgis , big boys video, big boy lifestyle, big boy vehicle, big boy motorcycle, etc).

Rolling-Scrolling Traveling Event Trailer

Professional trailer construction, brand & marketing services, logistics implementation and management.

• BigBoysLifestyle has invested in an: enhanced video, image, and audio platform that will allow the placing of key advertising in video and image posts. Free hosting will enhance search engine placement resulting in further strengthening of our #1 top placement in additional desired key word searches within the “Your Industry Focus” market.
• Tax right off – Big Boys Lifestyle and ThFox sponsorship is an advertising and promotion expense line item
• No FICA, health, or unemployment insurance requirements
Because Big Boys Lifestyle and ThFox are an independent operating entity “your business” saves on employer contributions. These, also, can be expensive employer line items

3.0 Goals & Objectives

Create web presence and branding awareness for “your business” by creating positive publicity and heightening visibility.

• Key web pages highlighting “your business” hosted at BigBoysLifestyle.com, ThFox.com, 90210directory.com and ThFoxDen.com

Short Code izigg 90210 text message keyword promotion for your business

• Video, Audio and Pictures

Video, Films & Interviews with celebrities, people in the know, and Who's Who in “Your Industry Focus”

• LocalAdlink targeted promotions utilizing coupons, videos, and images
• Sponsor video and image contests and other promotional giveaways
• Hosting Free video, audio, and image galleries
• Blogs & RSS
Big Boys Lifestyle has developed an effective Blog & RSS feed that will be utilized to maximize exposure for “your business”

Actively participate in sales and marketing initiatives on “your business” behalf

• Hospitality at key Big Boys Lifestyle events
Sponsorship is a great way to meet additional dealers and company executives in shirtsleeves, relaxed, and enjoying the surroundings. Through these contacts, business relationships develop that can mean significant numbers to “your business” bottom line. Many of these owners, promoters, and dealers would prefer to deal with other executives who support the “Your Industry Focus” and profession they love.
• Heighten visibility
Dealer Promotion – open houses
Special events, and a big boys lifestyle event in particular, are a great way to brand your company
• Media advertising in vendor and event maps, publications, etc
• Free media PR – Big Boys Lifestyle and “your business” news releases

Latest happenings, press releases, buzz,

sponsored events, shows, conventions, and rallys being attended, dealer open houses, etc
• Shape consumer attitudes
Hospitality at major “Your Industry Focus” events is a proven way to develop familiarity and trust with consumers. Your company name has the opportunity to stand out head and shoulders above the competition and first class treatment creates a lasting impression
• Dealer, employee, and Representative appreciation Conduct special promotions
Displays, posters, collectors items
• Postcards : Send-Out-Cards
• Showcase product attributes
• Differentiate product from competitors
Why “your business” - product quality and service
• Drive sales
• Merchandising opportunities
Conduct special promotions
Displays, posters, collectors items
4.0 Timeline of proposal

Develop marketing and promotional materials

• Big Boys Lifestyle and “your business” will work to develop an inventory of promotional programs and opportunities that “your business” would like to implement in their “Your Industry Focus” marketing strategies. This inventory is basically the tools “your business” will put in BigBoysLifestyle’s promotional arsenal
• Clothing and trademarked promotional items
• Design different questionnaires- that ask for specific information to be filled out so we can learn about potential customers/dealers/clients demographics, ie. interest, age, income, spending habits, etc.
• Develop booking/convention/rally promotion schedule
• Dealer open house schedule

5.0 Develop Rough Cost Estimate for promotion and sponsorship

“your business” is designated the Primary Sponsor

• Category exclusivity – “your business” as the primary sponsor is given exclusive status for promotion in the “Your Industry Focus” in return for sponsorship of Big Boys Lifestyle

Secondary Sponsors could be pursued with “your business” permission

• The promotional investment could be spread among several corporate sponsors if a well designed cross marketing program is developed that provides opportunities to sell and promote various non-competing products in a unique and innovative fashion

6.0 Bi-monthly Reporting

Establish reporting model and requirements

Of course Big Boys Lifestyle is fully open to your ideas and suggestions for the branding and promotion of your business.

Contact "the boyz" to develop a plan to broaden your competitive advantage by increasing your credibility, image and prestige in sponsoring events that attract your target market. We look forward to working with you.

Sponsorship & Your Business Branding, Event, Promotion and Marketing

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