Limu Moui: Health Secret of the South Pacific

By Phillipe Moser, Doctor of Pharmacy, Community Expert - Published: October 27, 2008

Bookmark and Share The unusually low death rate and high incidence of healthy centenarians in Tonga have prompted curious observers to ask, why? If you were to query Tongans for possible answers, they would probably refer you to a nondescript sea plant they have harvested and consumed for over 3,000 years. Limu moui, a marine vegetable native to their coastal regions, is believed to Tongans to be a source of longevity, health and vigor.

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Recent scientific research on limu moui has revealed that the people of Tonga have excellent reasons to boast bout their brown sea plant. As a natural restorative and rejuvenator, it packs a powerful punch. In fact, it contains a fascinating biochemical called fucoidan, which has been compared to human breast milk for its impressive nutrient array. Fucoidan has been the subject of over 800 scientific studies, and it is what makes limu moui so unique. Consider the following:

· Individuals who consume limu moui have increased longevity and disease resistance.

· Limu moui is a highly nutritive sea plant loaded with colloidal minerals gleaned from the ocean itself.

· Limu moui contains fucoidan, a natural substance with antitumor and anticancer properties. It has been compared to mother’s milk because of its superb immune support.

· Limu moui is loaded with live plant enzymes that are completely absent from cooked foods. These enzymes boost protein digestion, immune function and overall health.

· Limu moui is rich in polyphenols – impressive natural antioxidant compounds that collect dangerous free radicals capable of damaging cells and causing degenerative conditions.

Certainly, among an infinite variety of ocean flora, limu moui is one of the most remarkable renewable marine botanicals we have discovered. Relatively unknown and untapped biochemical isolates extracted from limu moui provide us with some of the most impressive nutritive and medicinal substances available, and as a dietary staple, it has provided the people of Tonga with superior nutrition. By contrast, according to some estimates, almost half of the U.S. population is suffering from diseases and ailments (i.e. immune dysfunction, heart disease, diabetes and cancer) related to nutrient deficiencies and poor diet.

Limu Moui: Heath Secret of the South Pacific

In the pristine and unspoiled temperate seawater off the coast of Tonga, limu moui thrives in dense aquatic forests. In fertile, sea-bottom soil, the plant grows creating large ocean meadows of waving angel-like hair. Living in symbiosis with other sea life, limu moui flourishes in virgin Tongan waters. (Not surprisingly, the liquid most like our own life-giving body fluids is seawater.)

In Tonga, local kahunas have long practiced traditional healing methods and have understood well the restorative properties of limu moui, but until recently, the potential of limu moui was unknown in the United States. Relatively undiscovered and untapped by Westerners, limu moui has only been thrust into the spotlight because of the curiosity of health-minded individuals.

Soon, however, questions arose about superior longevity, vigor, disease resistance and overall body strength and stature in Tongan people. Investigations into the routine consumption of limu moui on the islands were initiated and researchers attributed the resonant health of native Tongans to the unique marine plant.

What Exactly Is Limu Moui?

Simply stated, limu moui is a member of the brown seaweed family native to Tonga. In fact, the word “limu” means nothing more then “seaweed”. Limu moui is also known in other regions as angel’s hair, mozuku and nano.

As scientific data on its constituents emerge, this singular ocean organic is creating new interest among biochemists. In its natural edible form, limu moui offers remarkable nutritive, immune-building and disease-fighting properties. As an extract, it promises and even wider variety of therapeutic applications. And for those of us who will probably never cultivate a taste for this extraordinary sea vegetable, its availability in supplemental extract form is good news.

Limu Moui: Asia’s Answer for a Long Life

The longevity and good health associated with consuming limu moui is particularly appealing to Westerners. Reports surfacing from certain regions in Japan offer more support for limu moui’s potential. In Japan, seaweed dishes such as kombu and wakame are relatively familiar; however, a less-known form called mozuku is used in certain regions of the country. Interestingly, people native to these regions enjoy exceptional longevity and lower incidences of cancer compared to their other Japanese counterparts. The inclusion of mozuku as part of a balanced diet is thought to be a major contributing factor to their remarkable health. The same premise applies to the people of Tonga who call the brown sea plant ‘limu moui.”

Limu Moui: A Quick Nutrient Breakdown

Limu moui contains a balance of synergistic nutrients in proportions designed by mother nature. Below is a list of some of the compounds found in limu moui:

· glyconutrients (galactose, mannose, xylose)
· seventeen amino acids (including glycoproteins)
· a wide range of essential and nonessential fatty acids
· a broad spectrum of essential minerals and vitamins
· a variety of polyphenols (powerful antioxidant plant compounds that protect the body from dangerous free radicals)

Limu moui’s polyphenols content alone is enough reason to consider it a valuable dietary supplement. The polyphenols found in limu moui act as superb cell protectors that help prevent:

· malignant growth
· degenerative diseases
· toxic accumulation in tissues
· tissue damage
· skin deterioration

Limu moui possesses other agents that can aid the body in achieving optimal health. These include the following:

· Fucans and fucoidan: complex polysaccharides with cancer-protective and immune-stimulant properties. Which also raise HGF (hepatic growth factor) for better overall health:
· Organic iodine: supports normal metabolism and optimal thyroid function
· Alginate: a natural detoxifier
Laminarin: an anticlotting and anticancer compound.

Limu Moui: A Storehouse of Natural Minerals

Did you know that you would have to eat dozens of bowls of spinach today to equal the iron content of one bowl served in 1930? This startling statistic is based on a very alarming and widespread phenomenon called soil depletion. Our soils have been stripped of many vital minerals due to modern farming techniques, the use of artificial fertilizers, and fast turnaround harvesting. So that gorgeous head of broccoli or leafy green lettuce may not be supplying your body with the essential minerals it needs to function well and remain disease free.

However, in a time when earth’s soil may fail to provide us with life-sustaining minerals, we can still turn to fertile seabed plants. In fact, dried brown seaweed has been used as a soil additive to help replenish vital missing minerals.

Limu moui provides an excellent vegetarian source of minerals that has been imprinted with the nutritive content of the sea itself. Seabed soil infuses ocean plants with a vast array of minerals that are in a natural colloidal form. Sea “soil” still offers us what we may not be able to obtain from land-grown foods – plants infused with a wide array of colloidal minerals.

Fucoidan: Limu Moui’s Secret Weapon

Scientific research into claims about limu moui led researchers to a compound called fucoidan. It is the presence of this unique polysaccharide in the cell wall of limu moui that makes the sea plant so beneficial for human health. Fucoidan gives limu moui its slippery and somewhat sticky texture, but the protective moisture barrier it provides makes limu moui’s survival possible, even when the plant is exposed to strong sunlight. However, it is the composition of fucoidan that got scientific attention. Fucoidan has a chemical composition that closely resembles one of the most perfect immune-boosting foods on earth – human breast milk. Of equal interest is a tendency of fucoidan molecules to bond with sulphate groups. What does this mean? New studies tell us that the more sulphate groups the plant has, the more therapeutically active it is. Furthermore, limu moui has one of the highest fucoidan contents when compared to other marine algae.

Research has shown that when Fucoidan was administered to cancer cells they dissipated within 72 hours. This process is known as apoptosis; the destruction of cells from within due to activation by the digestive enzymes contained in the cells themselves. Currently, efforts are under way to find the consensus concerning the precise nature of Fucoidan.

Why Is Fucoidan so Impressive?

The subject of countless scientific studies, fucoidan is clearly one of Mother Nature’s most impressive natural compounds. This unique natural plant chemical has been shown to:

· Enhance immunity
· Fight allergies
· Inhibit blood clotting
· Decrease cholesterol levels
· Lower high blood pressure
· Stabilize blood sugar
· Prevent ulcers by fighting Heliobactor pylori bacteria
· Relieve stomach disorders
· Improve and support liver function
· Promote hair growth
· Maintain skin moisture and tighten the skin
· Detoxify the body of heavy metals and dangerous chemicals
· Have antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer properties
· Contain powerful antioxidant compounds
· Increase cell regeneration
· Relieve arthritis
· Herpes remedy

Fucoidan: Essential Immune Booster

Our immune systems are under constant attack and immune disorders are escalating at an alarming rate. New studies are continually emerging that point to immune malfunction as the real cause of conditions like heart disease, obesity and multiple sclerosis. Preventing disease by fine-tuning and supporting our immune systems is the best investment we can make for extended good health and longevity.

Fucoidan’s impressive properties make it an excellent supplement for immune support. In fact, scientists have gone so far as to compare its immune boost to that provided by mother’s milk. And what could be more supportive to the immune system than mother’s milk?

Packed with nutrients and antibodies, breast milk helps to arm the nave immune system of an infant with defense cells borrowed from the more experienced immune system of the mother. The fucoidan content of limu moui works much the same way.

According to Dr. Kyosuke Owa, and expert in brown seaweed, fucoidan contains the same type of antibodies found in human mother’s milk, thereby providing essential nutrients to boost the immune system. Dr. Owa’s research findings reveal that fucoidan stimulates the production of vital immune cells, giving the body better armament against potentially deadly invaders bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and even cancer cells.

Reinforcing Our Immune Arsenal

The fucoidan in limu moui is not the plant’s only immune booster, however. Limu moui contains special sugars called glyconutrients that encourage natural killer (NK) cells to fight diseases of all kinds. Our first line of immune defense is NK cells. Research has shown that when people with poor health increase their consumption of glyconutrients, their natural-killer cell count rises dramatically, making them more able to protect themselves from the tissue breakdown that accompanies degenerative diseases. Limu moui’s balanced array of glyconutrients encourages NK-cell and B-cell regeneration, thereby speeding up the body’s immune attack against foreign invaders.

Limu Moui Stimulates B-Cell Production

Natural killer cells aren’t the only immune cells affected by limu moui. An article in the March 1997 issue of the International Journal of Immunopharmacology reported that seaweed extracts stimulate the production of B cells in the immune system. These cells produce antibodies against the disease organisms we are exposed to and enable our immune defenses to spring into action the moment they are recognized. Researchers in the study also discovered that the glyconutrients of seaweed extract help mobilize white blood cells to better engulf and destroy dangerous infectious microorganisms. They recommended further research on using these sea plants to improve the condition of the immune system.

Primary Applications of Limu Moui

· abrasions
· artherosclerosis
· bladder infections
· burns
· weak circulation
· congestion
· diabetes
· fever
· headaches
· hypertension
· hypoglycemia
· indigestion
· menstrual cramps
· obesity
· peritonitis
· respiratory infection
· sore throats
· toothaches
· wounds
· allergies
· autoimmune diseases
· boils
· cancer
· colds and flu
· constipation
· earaches
· fibromyalgia
· heart disease
· high cholesterol
· hypothyroid
· insomnia
· mood disorders
· pain
· prostate disease
· sinusitis
· strep infections
· tumors
· yeast infections
· arthritis
· backaches
· bowel disorders
· chronic fatigue
· colon diseases
· depression
· eye inflammations
· gingivitis
· herpes (cold sores)
· hyperactivity
· immune dysfunction
· liver disorders
· mouth sores
· parasites
· rashes
· skin disorders
· stroke
· ulcers

The Story of Limu Moui

Far away from the hustle of rush-hour traffic live a gentle people who enjoy unusually long, healthy lives. They are known for their unusually long life span of over 100 years. It is the beautiful tropical paradise of the Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga.

Until recently, only the people of the Polynesian paradise of Tonga knew of the ancient, health enhancing secret of Limu Moui. For generations, Tongans have harvested the remarkable sea plant: Limu Moui. For 3,000 years they have eaten Limu Moui. For 3,000 years they have enjoyed the tremendous health benefits of Limu Moui. They have enjoyed unusually long lifespan and unusual freedom from the diseases and ailments that accompany the aging process. They have continued this time-honored tradition to live longer, healthier lives.When Captain Cook visited Tonga in 1777, he was weary and tired from his long journey. The Tongans offered him Limu Moui to restore his strength and energy.

An Executive with a huge manufacturer of nutritional products traveled to the Kingdom of Tonga, intrigued by the fact that Tongans live such long, healthy lives. He discovered that he even had difficulty guessing their ages, because they looked so young and strong and healthy! He sought to learn their secret to their robust, full-of-life vigor and longevity. What he found amazed him!

Scientific study has shown that Limu Moui contains a veritable storehouse of natural minerals and vitamins, glyconutrients, amino acids and polysaccharides that can help support immune function. Limu Moui's main ingredient is Fuciodan, which prominent Japanese Researcher states "contains the same healing antibodies found in mother's milk, providing dynamic essential amino acids and a balance of minerals necessary to boost the immune system." This is the most dynamic essential you can provide for your body.

There are some 800 Clinical Studies, some unusually remarkable!

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