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Saving you money and improving your bottom line; green conservation products and services that provide a healthier, cleaner home and work environment, improved safety, efficiency and lowered operating costs.

Approx $100 Billion of the new Economic Stimulus Package are directed towards Greening the US Economy

- $18 billion for clean water, flood control and environmental restoration and $8.4 billion for transit, and $8 billion for high-speed rail

- $4.5 billion to make federal office buildings more energy-efficient.

- $30 billion for a smart power grid, advanced battery technology and other energy efficiency measures.

- $20 billion in tax incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency over the next 10 years.

- $6.3 billion for energy efficiency in multifamily housing that gets federal assistance, such as HUD-sponsored low-income housing and $5 billion to weatherize more than 1 million homes owned by "modest-income" families

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Innovative Technologies for Goverment, Industrial, Commercial, Home and Office

Bookmark and Share BigBoysLifestyle, a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), has been actively seeking distribution agreements and solutions with manufacturers, and teaming and JV relationships, that by working together our combined professional services and product offering can assist Federal Agencies, prime contractors, states and municipalities, commercial and industrial entities, individuals, and others to meet their safety, environmental, energy, and transportation goals per "The President's Directive".

The Presidents Executive Order 13123

Section 101. Federal Leadership. The Federal Government, as the Nation's largest energy consumer, shall significantly improve its energy management in order to save taxpayer dollars and reduce emissions that contribute to air pollution and global climate change.

The Presidents Executive Order 13423

The President’s Directive- “Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, Transportation Management” established a “Goal for Agencies”…..

What if there was a way for YOU and your state, your city, and your county to leverage each $1 of federal stimulus money spent to generate $14 of private spending, create 14 times the number of jobs, reimburse the federal government $3, and get $1 back to boot? Well, there is a way, the ‘14x Stimulus’ plan

SCALE BLASTER – removing scale build up forever

Scaling is a major problem for the home, business owner, and industry. It is a coating or precipitate deposited on surfaces that are in contact with hard water. When hard water is heated or evaporation takes place, calcium carbonate will form. Scale build-up will clog pipes, tubes, block jets, and form a layer of mineral scale deposits on heat transfer surfaces.

Until now, the only reliable solution was expensive chemical scale inhibitors or water softening equipment. In an era of environmental concerns, this is simply outdated.

Introducing SclaeBlaster, the chemical and maintenance-free alternative. Imagine a system that will take care of your hard water problems without the need of hazardous chemicals or water softening equipment.

ScaleBlaster offers significant benefits without the need of costly maintenance and downtime. The product will remove any existing scale, prevent new scale accumulation, reduce corrosion, control algae and bacteria, thus resulting in huge energy savings.

ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR SYSTEMS – generating water from the air

The atmospheric water generating machine economically filters, treats and purifies water, all from the air we breathe creating the cleanest, clearest and purest water prior to being chilled and dispensed.

Commercially available, specific applications can safely provide the daily pure water requirements for individuals, families, offices, government, military, embassies.....and NATIONS!

About Water

Of the 6 billion people on earth, 1.1 billion do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. (

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency currently does not regulate 51 known water contaminants. (

While the average American uses 150 gallons of water per day, those in developing countries cannot find five. (

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns. (

According to the National Resources Defense Council, in a scientific study in which more than 1,000 bottles of 103 brands of water were tested, about one-third of the bottles contained synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic. (

Water is a $400 billion dollar global industry; the third largest behind electricity and oil. CBS News, FLOW.

There are estimates that from five hundred thousand to seven million people get sick per year from drinking tap water. Erik Olson, Deputy Staff Director of Barbara Boxer?s Environmental and Public Works Committee (EPW), FLOW.

California's water supply is running out – it has about 20 years of water left in the state. Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant and co-author of Blue Gold, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians, FLOW.

There are over 116,000 human-made chemicals that are finding their way into public water supply systems. William Marks, author of Water Voices from Around the World, FLOW.

In Bolivia nearly one out of every ten children will die before the age of five. Most of those deaths are related to illnesses that come from a lack of clean drinking water. Jim Schultz, founder of the Democracy Center in Bolivia, FLOW.

The cost per person per year for having 10 liters of safe drinking water every day is just $2 USD. Ashok Gadgil, Senior Staff Scientist in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, FLOW.

Wind Power Generation Solutions

WePOWER Turbine Applications

WePOWER manufactures vertical-axis wind turbines. The company’s American-made, safe, quiet and low maintenance turbines allow for wind energy to be generated and distributed in urban, suburban and rural areas.

WePOWER’s wind turbines are applied in wind farms, residential applications and commercial applications like buildings, cell towers, billboards, security towers and others.

Big Boys Lifestyle is an authorized dealer for WePower Wind Generation Systems serving residential, commercial, prime contractors, and government customers worldwide.

Advertise, Brand, and Promote using WePower Solutions

U.S. Government Wind Maps

ELECTRIC POWER FACTOR OPTIMIZATION - energy efficient conservation devices

ELECTRIC POWER FACTOR OPTIMIZATION - energy efficient conservation devices

Hydro Water Generation Systems

producing electricity from water - systems for both residential and commercial applications, stand-alone and grid-interconnected, up to 15 megawatts.


Energy efficient light bulbs that contain no mercury, thus, unlike florescent and compact florescent light bulbs, no harm is done to the environment when disposed of in a landfill.

Emergency Office, Quick Build Housing, Military Shelters and Latrines

THE ORIGINAL AIR PROBE SANITIZER - the finest Ultraviolet-C central air purification system available anywhere in the world at any price.

Green Family Lifestyle DIY Plans, Tips, Tricks

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