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Event Marketing Concept Map - First Draft

It is our goal to develop and brand & into the #1 viral virtual event destination url in the world. A corporate entity valued in excess of $100,000,000 within the next five years.

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This snapshot has been created to help present a vision for what is to be. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what part you might want to play in the Big Boys Lifestyle Story.

We are building a sustainable business asset and are seeking to team/joint venture; and are prepared to offer equity/partner relationships to help grow, build and brand bigboyslifestyle @, &

The syndication of and can provide back links to mini web sites that have been or are being created....this can help our partners reach their top 10 google ranking goals.

We realize that surrounding ourselves with great and talented people is the only course that makes sense. We continue our quest for education, strategies, a course of action; and individuals and organizations that can help us to build a long term sustainable business that benefits all.

This is our desire. This is our legacy....

ThFox iZigg 90210 Short Code Text Message Advertising Branding and Promotion

You have heard the phrase "the money is in the list"? This is a great way to build a list.

iZigg 90210 ThFox advertising, branding, and promoting of your business utilizing short code text messaging. Unlimited numerical Sub-keywords for all your contests, sweepstakes, free giveaways, branding, products, services and special promotions.

Try it...text: thfox to short code 90210
text: Sturgis to short code 90210

Virtual Web Real Estate That We Own

The Major Launch Event of

Our thoughts are to offer:

Free email Accounts, ie... …... …. ...

We have purchased an email software solution offering free email.

We have invested in: Big Boys Lifestyle Video Hosting software Solution with EZads.

We are considering Alstrasoft e-Friends (MySpace type of app)" for the official launch of

Perhaps also offering a Ajax Start Page application at

Viral virtual events are the wave of the future:

The U.S. Federal Government is funding virtual worlds development

VEC - Virtual Is The New Reality from Evende Digital on Vimeo.

“A recent report states that by 2012, there will be 100,000 virtual events annually. But where others offer hugely priced software, Expos2 has the only platform that can scale to this level of business without breaking the bank for event producers.“

Virtual Mall @ ThFox (Coming Soon)

Expos2 Virtual Mall Booklet

Our Plan is to offer virtual events and a virtual mall, in addition to and in conjunction with, live public events.

We are entertaining possible Partnership, JV, Team, equity types of arrangements to develop, grow, and take the Big Boys Lifestyle Events, ThFox Events, Big Lifestyle Events and the virtual events idea to the next level.

How about, in addition to the virtual mall, a virtual world complete with gaming?

The homepage header at is: with links back to and vice versa.

The birth of began in January of 09. It is now time to develop a team.

"Don't waste your life in doubts and fears: spend yourself on the work before you, well assured that the right performance of this hour's duties will be the best preparation for the hours or ages that follow it."

Ralph Waldo Emerson1803-1882, Poet and Essayist

Click here to view results of recent google searches conducted the week of 12/14/09 - password: event

A directory has been recently set up: and an events calendar: or along with a classifieds:  

Rich Content that we have recently acquired that has now been moved onto ThFox and BigBoysLifestyle servers:

| FreeTV @ ThFox | ... over 5000 TV Channels & videos. (The move to server has been completed)

| ThFoxPub | ... over 20,000 pages of articles.

| CelebPhotos | ... Over 16,000 photos of celebrities.

| Bikini Rating Site | ... numerous pictures

| ThFoxDen | ... Mr Fox Big Boys Lifestyle @ Events, videos, photo galleries, blog, fox avatars, sturgis babes

As these develop, our generic search engine rankings will rise on many keywords.

Big Boys Lifestyle Events will be conducted in numerous locations throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Some could be patterned similar to the New Zealand Big Boys Toys event(take time to view the videos)

There are numerous ways to monetize the of the strategies is to offer virtual malls and events in addition to a "Big Boys Lifestyle Event" "Big Lifestyle Event" or a "ThFox Event"....

(Perhaps a "BigBoysLifestyle @" magazine or publication?)

Google, Amazon, Ebay, and other affiliate programs offer continued additional revenue. The following pages provide you with a quick overview of one of the strategies we will continue to build upon. Note that links to these sites will come from the directory.

Concerts...A small percentage of the action of these crowds?

Watch the interesting video: Millionaire Fair - Amsterdam, Moscow, Munich, Istanbul, & Antwerp

Approach & Build a List of Sponsors

BluFrog Rocking at Daytona - Nascar Sponsor

Social Meeting Marketing - FTC Compliance

Event Marketing Tools We Have Invested In

Do you want unlimited targeted leads for life? Scraper Pro will find people based on your keyword searches in minutes...quickly find names, phone numbers, emails...for your list!

SCRAPER PRO - (Lead Generation) - a great way to generate business contacts for events... (We use it constantaly) Activate Your Free Account Here:

GVO DATABASE - Every business owner needs a good marketing system.

GVO is a web-based suite of digital tools which allows us to store data, send out emails and create and send out Video Promos (Every Business Needs This!)

Click here for Your Trial Account

Review These Pre-Recorded Training Videos:

E-Responder - Allows you to broadcast out email newsletters - VIDEO

Video Producer (Recorder) (Allows you to produce, upload and host your personal / business videos)

How To Create A Video Within A 100+ Pre-Done Templates - VIDEO - (HOT!)

Webinar / Conference System - Allows you to communicate globally online - VIDEO

Prospecting System - Allows you to acquire opt in permission-based leads - VIDEO

Broadcast Your 30 Second Message to 1,000 Phones for $15


Send Out Cards

With send out cards, it is easy to design a three fold brochure and have it professionally printed and mailed for less than $2.00.

A card can be printed, stuffed, and mailed for less than $1.00

Send a heartfelt card now.... Free compliments of Big Boys Lifestyle

ThFox Big Bash Launch Event

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