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Event Marketing Concept Map - First Draft

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We are planning a major Launch Event

Our thoughts are to offer:

Free email …... ….

We have purchased an email software solution.

We have purchased: Big Boys Lifestyle Video Hosting software Solution

We are considering Alstrasoft e-Friends (MySpace type of app)" for the official launch of

Perhaps also offering a Ajax Start Page application at

Virtual events are the wave of the future:

“A recent report states that by 2012, there will be 100,000 virtual events annually. But where others offer hugely priced software, Expos2 has the only platform that can scale to this level of business without breaking the bank for event producers.“ Our Plan is to offer virtual events and a virtual mall, in addition to and in conjunction with, live public events.

We are entertaining possible Partnership, JV, Team, Stock types of arrangements to develop, grow, and take the Big Boys Lifestyle Events, ThFox Events, Big Lifestyle Events and the virtual events idea to the next level.

The index header at is: with links back to and vice versa.

The birth of began in January of 09. It is now time to develop a team. The attachment is the results of some google searches done last week....12/14/09. A directory has been recently set up: and an events calendar: or along with a classifieds:   As these develop, our search engine rankings should rise on many keywords.

Big Boys Lifestyle Events could be conducted in numerous locations throughout the U.S. and Internationally similar to the New Zealand event: and .......certainly "ThFox" events.

There are numerous ways to monetize the of the strategies is to offer virtual malls and events in addition to a "Big Boys Lifestyle Event" or a "ThFox Event"....

We continue to explore the possibility of a “made for True TV” type programming of Big Boys Lifestyle and ThFox events.

We will aggressively seek sponsorships.

Ideas are continuing to formulate and we are attempting to create a team to take this concept to market.

We should explore how we can work together.

Highest Regards:Dan Seaman

PS: Interested in participating?

ThFox Big Bash Launch Event

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