Save 10% to 40% on Your Auto Insurance with the IDA Collision Deductible Program

The Collision Deductible Reserve Plan is pretty straight forward:

For most people, your current insurance deductible for the collision portion of your car insurance policy is probably $100, $250.00, or $500 per accident.

No need to change your insurance agent or provider

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I was in the insurance business for a number of years and as an agent I would recommend lower deductibles for a couple of reasons:

>When an accident does occur, in todays economy, most people have trouble coming up with the $250 or $500 deductibles they chose when they purchased their auto insurance policy.

>As an agent, my commission is higher with the higher premium derived from the sale of the lower deductible

Insurance Agents and here....$350,000 to $500,000/yr possible

As an agent, I always felt I was doing my customer a service by recommending the lower deductibles, even if I did make more money, only because most of my insureds really were strapped when a collision occurred.

Ask your agent what the difference is between your current deductible and the new higher $1000 deductible.

Apply a portion of the savings to the IDA Collision Deductible Program...and then, my suggestion, perhaps take a special person or loved one out to dinner....

I encourage you to do your due diligence; you are going to find, as I did, that this really is quite a long term benefit for you & your family and a great way to reduce and save some money on your car insurance premium!

> Reduce your monthly Insurance Premiums

> One Plan can cover ALL vehicles and drivers

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>>..SIDE NOTE...>>> I was showing this plan to my dad who is 83. He commented about the fact that neither he or my mom had had an accident in the past 30 years or so. I could see the lights had went on in his head. He was figuring the amount of money a plan like this would have saved him. (my folks celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year)

You need not be a licensed insurance agent to offer this service contract.

Click here for information and an opportunity to save money and make money by offering the "Collision Deductible Reserve Program":

Save Money, Make Money with the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan (CDRP)

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