90210 ThFox iZigg Sturgis: Building your customer client list, advertising, branding, and promoting of your business utilizing short code text messaging

Bookmark and Share Every business should have a list of it's customers. At 90210 iZigg ThFox Big Boys Network, our Sturgis and

Black Hills local adlink agency and big lifestyle directory make it easy for you to keep in constant contact.

ThFox 90210 izigg Sturgis Short Code Text Messaging Premium Service allows you to instantly reach out and touch someone.

Common uses of Short Codes include alert services, contests, text to win, coupons, donate to your favorite charity or benefit, and opt-in marketing lists. Short Codes make it easy for consumers to respond to and engage with your advertising and marketing programs.

If you are a vendor at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and are interested in sponsoring or wish to discuss promoting and branding of your business or favorite charity utilizing thfox 90210 and Sturgis 90210 short code advertising, please use the form below to contact us.

There is an instant "WOW" factor when your customers react. You experience amazing results when customers respond to your offer by texting your keyword to Short Code (90210).

===> Think about this,

What do you carry around (pretty much) all day long?

Your Cell Phone or Your Computer? (Right - your Cell Phone)

What is the quickest way to reach you? (Text Messaging!)

===> Here is what we recommend you do:

Build Your List - Every business needs to have a Text List of their customers / members / prospects

Note: To see how I make my "business card details" (name, email, web page number etc) jump from my Cell Phone to your Cell Phone - TEXT thfox to 90210 - (give it about 30 seconds)

Brand Your Business...brands utilizing iZigg 90210 short code promotions: Sonic, McDonalds, Ultra Star Movies, Andretti Amusement Parks, Palm Beach Tan, Golds Gym, Dominos, Church's, Cold Stone Creamery, Dairy Queen, Moe's, Hooters, Papa John's, Arby's, Outback Steakhouse, Meinke, Jiffy Lube, Aamco, Toyota, Acura, Massage Envy, Keller Williams, Lennar Homes, Cricket Wireless, Harley Davidson, Monster Energy, Smash Burger, Scream Tour, Skyline Chili, Wendy's, University of Dayton, Tennessee Blue Raiders, Urban Active, DHL, Ford, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Lone Star Steakhouse, Los Cabos, Quizno's, Little Ceaser's, Southern Baptist Hospitals, Subway, Buffalo Wild Wings...

Secure your 90210 keyword real estate...now is the time...www.90210.thfox.com - Free Play and Explore, see how easy it all works!

Request a demo...Try it...text: thfox to short code (90210) or text: "sturgis" (90210)

Mobile short code advertising is amazing.

A keyword on our shared shortcode enables powerful features within your 90210 account:

* Mobile Opt-In - The system captures & stores your customer's information. Your new subscribers can join your list from their mobile phones, by texting your keyword to the shared short code 90210

* 2-Way Messaging - When you send out messages using our 90210 short code, your subscribers can send replies, which will be delivered to your BIZ 90210 inbox.

Click here for the "Why 90210...Why Now" - pdf doc. Timing is Important

Click Here for ThFox 90210 iZigg Press Kit - pdf doc.

ThFox Big Boys Sturgis Local Adlink Group have the ability to quickly create a mobile strategy and build mobile friendly websites.

Try it! Secure your 90210 keyword real estate at shortcode 90210 iZigg ThFox

Text "thfox" to 90210
First Name

Secure your favorite keyword at our IZigg 90210 ThFox

Want biz calling cards with YOUR KEYWORD shortcode?

Your BIZ cards will have your own "Keyword" shortcode that gives them instant coupons or special offers when they text your keyword to 90210 Get the details and set up your free demo.

Start Here - 90210.thfox.com

Did you miss the LAUNCH PARTY?:

1. Computer Industry - 1980's (If you didn't profit back then - STRIKE ONE - )

2. Internet / Cell Phone Industry - 1990's (If you didn't profit back then - STRIKE TWO - )

3. Mobile (Text) Marketing Industry - 2011 (If you fail to learn and profit today- STRIKE THREE YOU ARE OUT!!!

Secure your favorite keyword at our iZigg 90210 ThFox Sturgis short code text messaging service

FREE...Let others find you and your business...Place your 90210 "keyword" advertising, business card, and promotions on the 90210 directory.

Interested in joining the ThFox Big Boys Lifestyle Network Sturgis Mobile Adlink Agency Team? As a member of our team, you also get this exclusive professionally designed screening page - Look Here.....

Big Lifestyle Events, Promotions & Sponsorship,

"The most direct and personal of all media channels these days is mobile phones. They enable us to remain connected 24/7. No need to log onto the internet or roam around town looking for a hot spot. Mobile devices are always hot. A marketer's dream is to engage in meaningful two-way conversations with people who are truly interested in their brand, and mobile gives you that direct line of communication - constantly." Jeff Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice-President, Eastman Kodak Company

ThFox Big Boys 90210 Mobile Advertising, Branding & Promotion

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