82222 Short code (bizgm.com) seems to be out of business?

Bookmark and Share ThFox and BigBoysLifestyle had been promoting the 82222 short code for building your customer client list, advertising, branding, and promoting of your business utilizing short code text messaging.

It is unfortunate, but it appears that bizgm may be out of business? When you search www.bizgm.com, where 82222 lucky short code was hosted and marketed, you receive a default host server page.

ThFox and Big Boys Lifestyle are proud to offer the 90210 short code.

Every business should have a list of it's customers. At ThFox 90210, our local adlink agency and big lifestyle directory, make it easy for you to keep in constant contact.

Get Your 90210 "Keyword" Realestate

Secure "YOUR KEYWORD" before someone else does...

It is a horse race!

90210 is the most recognized and premium short code. 90210 is to mobile sms promotion.. what google is to .com At the present time, most people cannot even name one numerical short code.

Remember 90210

Try it...text: "thfox" to short code (90210) or text: "sturgis" (90210)

Businesses large and small are quickly adapting the 90210 short code. Recent business include McDonalds, Sonic, NFL, Lexus, Hooters, and Campbell's.

Academy award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning singer Jamie Foxx makes a case for SMS during the Mobile Marketing Forum keynote, discussing the opportunities of mobile within the entertainment industry and for brands in general.

“Brands can rely on mobile to reach out and connect and I am going to use it to make sure I am reaching my fans,” Mr. Foxx said.

Create your own brand equity; 90210 is to mobile what .com is to the internet.

The Race is on!

Click Here to secure your "keywords" and begin your 90210 mobile marketing and branding campaigns.

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